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Digital Phone Voice Mail Features

Anouncment Messages: a anouncement can be played, providing information to a incoming caller about the business. Messages can be: a business address, a fax number, hours of operation etc.... Reducing the time spent answering unwanted calls.

Answering Machine Emulation:  allows your voice mailbox the capability of a regular home answering machine that will screen your calls as they arrive.

Automated Attendant:  the automated attendant can answer all calls or unanswered calls and route the calls to the destination extension or extensions by pressing the number keys on the telephone number pad.

Broadcast Messaging: A Broadcast Message is voice message that is automatically distributed to all active Subscriber Mailboxes. A Broadcast Message is typically used for important company announcements. For example, the personnel manager could record a Broadcast Message announcing an important promotion or a weather-related schedule change.

Caller ID with return call:  allows users to see the source phone number that the voice mail arrived from with a call back soft key button.

Call Routing: incoming callers can be automatically answered and routed to the desired destination.

Conversation Record:  adds the capability of recording conversations for training purposes.

Dial by Name:  If an incoming caller does not know the parties extension number of whom they would like to reach, a dial by name directory can be enabled.

Fax Detection:  the automated attendant can detect a fax tone and route a fax call to the pre-programmed fax destination.

Message Waiting Notification: provides a phone or extension user a notification light on a phone indicating the user has a voice mail message waiting

Multiple Company Greetings:  the automated attendant can be configured to answer incoming lines with different greetings.  Multiple business can run on one phone system.

Voice Mail Forwarding: Voice mails can be manually forwarded to other users or extensions on the phone system

Voice Mail to Email Messaging Integration:  Email Integration automatically sends an email notification when a phone-set user receives a new message in their Subscriber Mailbox. The email can optionally include the recorded message as a wav file attachment.  Additional hardware or software activation required.


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