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Discover how an NEC digital phone system can automate your business by automatically routing calls 24 hours a day seven days a week, reduce time spent with unwanted and annoying phone calls, eliminate the need for a costly fax line, make you and your associates more available to your customers automatically.

NEC Digital Phones are Voice Over IP Compatible

Voice Over IP Compatible

The NEC Digital Phone System is compatible with most any hardware based Voice Over IP incoming line service provider.  This means you can connect cost saving Voice Over IP lines to any of the NEC Business Phone System family of phone systems and save money on your phone bill.  Voice Over IP lines also work well for businesses with the need to place many long distance calls as the billing is all on a flat rate basis.

NEC Cordless Phone

NEC Cordless Phone

4 programmable function buttons, call hold button, call conference button, call transfer button, 2 line liquid crystal display, ring volume control, 30 separate channels

NEC Voice Mail System

NEC Voice Mail

Available with either 8 hours of storage or 16 hours of storage and port or 8 ports of voice mail system interface.


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